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How to Reduce Time Spent Cleaning Your Home - DutyBox Australia

How to Reduce Time Spent Cleaning Your Home

Are you spending more time than you want to on housework? If so, you're not alone. One study revealed that Australian Mums are spending an average of 24 hours per week dealing with chores.

When you consider how much time we spend sleeping, eating, working, and socialising, you have to wonder how anyone can keep their home clean. The good news is that you can learn how to get better at cleaning your house in a shorter amount of time.

We're here to share our best house cleaning tips and tricks that will help you accomplish more in less time. It may sound impossible, but the trick is getting into a routine that works for you.

Read on for our guide on how to clean your house fast and easily. Say goodbye to lengthy chores and hello to simplicity!

How to Make Your House Easy to Clean

To spend less time cleaning, you'll need to find ways to make your home easier to clean. For us, this involves a mindful decluttering session

Oftentimes, we think of cleaning as an insurmountable task because we look around and see so much stuff. Some of it we might not have found a home for and some of it we might not want, at all. Clutter in the home has a way of cluttering the mind, and reducing clutter is a great way to make cleaning easier and less daunting.

Setting Realistic Expectations for Your House Cleaning

As we mentioned earlier, some people are spending what feels like an entire day tackling chores like cleaning. That takes away from the time we can spend with loved ones, catching up on our favourite shows, and getting rest and relaxation.

It's time to ask yourself: how clean do I really need my home to be? Why is it important to me that I keep a clean home? Which rooms or spaces should I prioritize?

If you want to learn how to get house cleaning done fast, you may need to adjust your expectations. Does everything need to be spotless in order for you to feel at ease, or is it okay if the floor only gets vacuumed once a week? Do you need to clean as you go or can you live with a bit of mess throughout the day?

Home Cleaning Hacks: Creating New Habits

The clean-as-you-go method works for some and not others. Oftentimes, it isn't as quick as establishing a daily cleaning routine. Your daily cleaning routine should help to reset your home after a long day and ensure that everything you need for tomorrow is ready to go.

Which house cleaning steps meet those goals? For most households, a daily cleaning routine should consist of:

  • putting away items that were strewn about throughout the day (like toys or clothing)
  • washing the dishes or running/emptying the dishwasher
  • cleaning high-use surfaces like kitchen countertops

You may also create a rotating list of things that you can do during your daily cleaning routine. Things that might not need to happen every day but should happen once a week include:

  • cleaning out the fridge of any old odds and ends
  • cleaning bathroom surfaces
  • vacuuming or mopping floors
  • doing a load of laundry

Rather than committing to completing every task on the list, do as much as you can in a set amount of time. We recommend spending 30 minutes each day at a time that makes sense for you going through your daily cleaning checklist. When those 30 minutes run out, don't hesitate to move on; you can finish the rest tomorrow. 

Once-a-Week Deep Cleaning Steps

One alternative to pulling from a rotating list of chores is to create a once-a-week deep cleaning checklist in addition to your daily cleaning checklist. During this time, you can devote one or two hours to chores like bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, and emptying out the fridge. 

This is the best way to learn how to clean your house spotless fast. When you take care of daily chores throughout the week, like tidying up clutter and washing the dishes, you can spend far less time deep cleaning those areas that take more attention and elbow grease.

Once again, we recommend establishing a timeframe, rather than a list. Then, prioritize what needs your attention most. (Remember, you'll need to adjust your expectations if you want to spend less time cleaning your house.)

Additional Tips on How to Get Better at Cleaning Your House Fast

Making your daily and weekly checklists is just one part of learning how to get better at cleaning your house fast. There are also a few handy home cleaning hacks and tips that will make life easier.

First, make sure that you have everything you need to clean your house. This includes things like oven cleaner, glass cleaner, laundry detergent, and all-purpose cleaner. Our DutyBox Starter Box will prepare you to clean every corner of your house with eco-friendly supplies that are safe for you, your kids, and your pets.

Next, think about the flow of your home. Running from one side of the house to the other does take up precious time. Store your cleaning supplies close to the spaces you use them in and do your best to make your way from room to room in a linear fashion.

Finally, eliminate any clean-as-you-go steps that you're having to repeat multiple times a day. For example, if you find yourself picking up the same clutter twice or more per day, let it lie until it's time to complete your daily routine.

Go Eco-Friendly With DutyBox

When you want to learn how to get better at cleaning your house fast, the first thing you should do is make sure that you have the right tools. With DutyBox, you'll have everything you need conveniently shipped right to your door, including refills that ensure that you never run out of your favourite products.

Are you ready to go eco-friendly and streamline your cleaning process? Get started today with our Cleaning Starter Box and we’ll do the rest for you!