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5 Major Benefits of Bundled House Cleaning Products - DutyBox Australia

5 Major Benefits of Bundled House Cleaning Products

For many of us, the pandemic has changed the way we live. Our shopping habits are different, and we're now used to spending more time at home than ever before.

That's led to a rise in spending on house cleaning products. A third of us are spending more on them during the pandemic than we did before. And lots of homeowners have found the easy way to do it - buying in bulk.

That's right, forget heading to the supermarket to stock up on toilet cleaner and dish soap. Join the growing number of Aussies who get what they need delivered right to their front door.

Let's take a look at 5 reasons why bundled house cleaning products are undoubtedly the way forward.

1. Saves You Money

Last year, wages in Australia increased by 2.1%. The trouble is, the cost of living rose by 3.5%. Many household products are getting more expensive, with essentials like veggies going up by 6.1% and petrol by 32.3%.

All of this means that lots of families out there are looking to tighten their belts by reducing unnecessary expenses. Of course, we've all got to keep our homes and clothes clean, and to do that, we need some house cleaning products. Can buying house cleaning supplies wholesale really save you much money?

Absolutely! Just think, what cleaning supplies are needed to clean a house? You need:

  • Kitchen cleaners (all-purpose and grill/oven cleaner)
  • Bathroom cleaners (surfaces and toilet)
  • Glass and mirror cleaner
  • Floor cleaner
  • Dish soap
  • Hand soap
  • Air freshener
  • Laundry detergent and fabric conditioner

Now just imagine you headed down to Woolies or Coles and stocked up on all that for 6 months. It'd cost you a pretty penny.

But if you buy the Cleaning Starter Box Max, you get all of that and more. More because you get 2 refill concentrates with every bottle of cleaner. Plus, the laundry detergent and fabric softener are super concentrated, meaning you can use them for 50 washes!

All of that for just $149.00. 

Sure, when you buy a house cleaning supplies bundle for the first time it may seem like a lot to pay out. But here's the best bit.

Once you've bought the starter kit, you can keep on using the bottles. Just pop a Cleaning Refills Pack Max in your basket. That's a year's worth of supplies in a single purchase (don't worry, they don't take up the whole house).

Better still, set up refill deliveries and get on with your life! Use our subscribe and save service for a further 20% discount and no more running to the supermarket to stock up on supplies.

If you don't need refills for everything, that's fine too. You can adjust your subscription and save settings at any time. Or just grab the ones you need individually so there's no waste.

2. Saves Time

Do you want to get all the cost benefits of buying home cleaning products wholesale without the hassle of having to go to the wholesalers? A house cleaning products bundle is the way to do it.

Lots of us are juggling work, kids, and trying to have a relationship at the same time. Anything we can do that saves us some time is fantastic.

With subscribe and save, you don't even have to remember to schedule deliveries. The supplies just arrive when you want them and you can tweak the delivery schedules to make sure they suit your needs. 

Ever wondered, 'what products do house cleaners use?' They keep a range of products with them at all times, so they've always got the right product for the job. With our starter pack, you'll save time by having the right product for every situation.

3. Refillable

Does it just seem a bit wrong to you to throw away a perfectly good plastic bottle just because the cleaning product ran out? True, it goes in the recycling. But it's still going to release carbon to turn that bottle into something else.

We feel the same way and that's why we've developed our starter kits and refills. It's the perfect way to reduce your plastic footprint. You can even use these with your own bottles if you have suitable ones at home already.

4. Ready to Clean for Whatever Happens

In busy households, accidents happen. And they usually seem to happen right when you've just run out of house cleaning products.

When you buy house cleaning products wholesale, you're ready, come what may. Are kids sick? You've got it.

A wine bottle smashes on the kitchen floor? Grab the floor cleaner, you're all set. 

Unidentifiable streaks on the glass sliding doors? GLASS cleaner will have those off in a jiffy.

Once you get familiar with our house cleaning materials and their uses, you'll never give your old brands a second thought.

5. Reduces Environmental Impact

Take a look at the label of any cleaning product or detergent and the first ingredient will almost always be aqua. Ring a bell?

That's right, our whole lives we've been carrying bottles of water mixed with a few chemicals back home from the supermarket with us. And we, and the planet, have been paying through the nose for the privilege.

We're not just talking about a little bit of water, or even half the bottle. A typical bottle of cleaning product is more than 90% water. Just think about how much carbon is released in transporting that weight of water around for no good reason.

Now it starts to make sense why refillable bottles aren't just good for our wallets, they're great for the planet as well.

The same applies to concentrated detergent and fabric softener. What's the very first thing your washing machine is going to add? Water.

So why fill the bottle with lots of unnecessary water? 

Once you've got into the habit of refilling the bottles, you'll wonder why we haven't been doing this our whole lives.

The Logic of Buying Bundled House Cleaning Products

When you consider the environmental impact and cost of regular cleaning products, one thing is clear. Bundled house cleaning products should just be the standard for everyone. They're more convenient, kinder to the planet, and mean that you're ready for everything family life can throw at you!

Once you've tried Dutybox kits, you'll forget the home cleaning products and brands you used before. You'll love how supplies arrive at your door and you'll know you're doing your bit to cut down your carbon footprint.

Shop our eco-friendly cleaning bundles now!