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7 Smarter Tips To Clean Your Home

In the daily bustle and hustle, it is almost impossible to find a dedicated time to do house cleaning. However, it remains a necessary task for everyone to keep their spaces presentable and hygienic. It is a matter of being able to clean smarter in order to save both time and energy. Below are a couple of tips that you can follow to clean your home more efficiently moving forward. 

Create a plan 

Like any other task, it would help to have a guide that can help you track whether you’re still on cleaning target or not. Different rooms often require different schedule allotment based on their size or details. Plot out your cleaning schedule for the day and follow it accordingly. While it would be ideal to clean the whole house in one go, you can opt to do one room at a time depending on your availability. Though, as much as possible, try to pick one task such as mopping or vacuuming that will be accomplished in all rooms on a certain day rather than picking a single room to clean per day. This would not make you feel more exhausted for doing the whole process all over again every time you clean.

Study and select the best cleaning products 

 If you take time to study the labels of your cleaning products, you would be able to assess which ones are the most effective. They should help you save your energy as they will do the hard work for you. You can also buy reusable cleaning products in order to save money and then keep them within reach since they will be oftenly used. Don’t forget to also look into the instructions on how to properly apply them for best results before you start scrubbing away. 

Use multiuse cleaners 

Meanwhile, there are multipurpose cleaning products and tools that can keep you from getting confused which to use on what. Several cleaners are not necessary to maintain a pristine house. This is also a good sustainability practice which would make you a more responsible consumer. Finding the right products can also help you stop the seemingly-endless scrubbing. 

Once you buy the only essential products, put them in one portable container which makes it much easier to get the job done. Start cleaning from the top of the room and work your way down. Doing so would prevent you reclean a surface, making your cleaning more efficient. 

Do away with liquid during hair pickup

Many people tend to forget not to mop the floor without checking if there are a ton of hair lying around first. This will make the strands stuck which would be harder to clean afterwards. Therefore, use dry rags or paper towels to pick them up before using liquid cleansers to wrap the task up. For pet hair lying on your bed or couch, try wiping the fabric surfaces with a rubber glove so it would not be an extra tedious job. 

Categorize items

Do not leave place-inappropriate stuff hanging around to lessen unnecessary movements when cleaning the whole house. Keep your wine glasses in the kitchen, your dirty shirts in the laundry, magazines on coffee tables, and so on. Putting items in different rooms would be a hassle to pick and sometimes locate if they’ve been there for quite some time. This leads us to the next tip!

Practice CLAYGO

It’s a no-no to wait for the “cleaning day” to actually start cleaning. The moment you see that something is untidy and would only take a few minutes to clean, get right to it. Sometimes, it is about having the initiative to clean up so you wouldn’t need to dedicate so much time for general cleaning. Make it a practice to wash dishes immediately after dinner, throw out trash or expired food, clean the shower after use, etc. Remember that small acts add up that would certainly help keel the house clean. 

Clean as a team

If you have a family or housemates, cleaning can be made fun and faster when you do it with them. You can allot a schedule for everyone to free up their respective schedules and join in the activity. Aside from accomplishing the cleaning tasks on time by proper delegation, you bond will also be strengthened as you keep your home clean together. 

These are only a few of the smart tips to make cleaning more efficient. The key is to make it a priority once you’ve identified when you’re going to thoroughly clean the house. It would also be advisable to trap the dirt outside your house by placing a doormat or having everyone remove their shoes at the door which is a common practice in an Asian household. Remember to study your cleaning products first and other techniques to quickly clean household items so you can get your house sparkling in no time. 

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