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How Bundled Cleaning Solutions Can Help Clean Your House Easily

Did you know that single people smell different from those in a relationship? Whatever your relationship status, you can keep your home smelling fresh and clean when you clean your house right.

With the proper house cleaning solutions in the right areas, you'll eliminate odours and encourage cleaner air inside your house. House cleaning doesn't need to be a chore — get through it quickly and easily by following our cleaning tips below.

Cleaning the Right Areas Can Keep Your House Fresh

Did you know that two-thirds of the dust in your home comes from you, your pets, and the creepy crawlies that live in your house? Dead skin cells and hair from you and your pets make up most of your dust particles. Dead insects, old food particles, and bits of plastic and earth make up the rest.

A buildup of dust won't just leave your home smelling musty and looking dusty - there's a creature that lurks beneath. The dust mite just loves household dust, but its presence has been linked to breathing and skin allergies like asthma and eczema. And a dirty home can leave us feeling stressed.

When house cleaning is done the right way, you'll eliminate dust mites and breathe more easily. You'll have a home that feels fresh and clean, with no dust in sight. And a clean and well-arranged home can even reduce anxiety on a stressful day.

Focus On These 7 Key Areas When You Clean Your House

For a house that looks and feels fresh as a daisy, you'll need to focus on seven key areas. Add these steps to your house cleaning checklist:

Windows and Glass

A grimy shower screen, toothpaste-spattered mirror, or grubby window spells disaster for a house that wants to be clean. For sparkling clean house windows inside and out, use a glass and mirror cleaning solution. Get the dirt off with cleaning products and buff surfaces with a dry cloth to remove streaks.

Psst - wanna know how to clean roof windows from inside? Chances are your skylight window has a special cleaning position so that you can reach it from indoors. Otherwise, if you’re wondering what to clean the inside of windows with, grab a skylight cleaning pole with a cloth tied to its end.

That'll help you wipe away dirt and give those windows a good scrub. Then, use a squeegee for a brand-spanking finish. That’s what to use to clean the inside of windows like a pro.


Dirty floors don't just feel gross underfoot, but they'll also contribute to moving dirt around the house. And if you or your pet like to curl their feet up on the couch, then that grime will work its way into your upholstery as well.

Use a multi-surface floor cleaner to clean off the muck, leaving you with shiny floors and pristine furniture.


Did you know that your walls are a major dust trap? While they may not look it, over time, your walls get dusty and will need some TLC. The best way to clean inside house walls is with a microfibre duster and flat microfibre mop.

First, wear a mask to protect your mouth and nose. Then, dust the walls from the ceiling to the floor with the microfibre duster. Finally, using a slightly damp microfibre mop, go over your walls in the same way to remove excess dust and give your walls a clean.

Dust settles on all surfaces, especially those with horizontal edges, like tables, television sets, and even bed frames. Use a gentle all-purpose cleaner to wipe away surface dust and dirt.


We scrub ourselves clean in the bathroom, but all that dirt has to go somewhere, right? And while you'd think the toilet was the most bacteria-ridden spot in the bathroom, studies show the towel rail is even worse! So, no spot is off-limits when it comes to cleaning your bathroom.

You'll need various tools for cleaning the bathroom, including sponges, cloths, and a squeegee. A good bathroom and ceramics cleaner can be used all over, including on tiles, toilets, ceramics, and non-ceramics.


The kitchen is an obvious source of grime and smells, but this fact might surprise you. Did you know your chopping board is up to 200 times grubbier than your toilet seat? Baked-on food and grease in microwaves, stovetops, and ovens are further culprits for bacteria and odours.

You can loosen spattered food with warm water. Use a multi-purpose kitchen cleaner to cut through the grease and residue. A citrus-scented cleaning solution will leave your kitchen smelling fresh every time.

Ventilation Covers

Air vents and covers harbour dust, mould, and grease. Unscrew the covers to remove them, and soak them in hot soapy water. Or, you can clean them in-situ with a multi-purpose cleaner.

Your kitchen range hood will often have a mesh ventilation cover. This will trap grease from frying, and odours can emanate from trapped particles. Give these a thorough clean to keep them working properly.


Surprised to see this one? Well, it's true — people need cleaning too!

COVID has taught us the need to wash hands regularly with antibacterial hand soap. Foaming hand soap is particularly cost-effective, and a good product will moisturise as well.

Another source of dirt and smells on our person is our clothing. The hot Aussie sun causes a buildup of BO, and cooking smells can also get trapped in our clothes. Regular washing with laundry detergent will remove dirt and smells and leave your loved ones fresh and clean as well.

The Benefits of Investing in Bundled Cleaning Solutions

As we've seen, keeping a clean house isn't just for show, but it affects our physical and mental health too. But how do you clean your house effectively without spending the earth? The answer is to invest in bundled cleaning solutions.

Buying cleaning products in bulk will save you time and money. You'll have all the products you need for every single room in your house, without having to source each one. And refillable cleaning products mean you'll spend once on the bottle and pay less for the refills.

Still on the fence? Then try us out for free! One try, and you'll be hooked — we're sure of it!