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Starter Box

Tax included.

Stock up on 8 bottles of our concentrated liquid laundry detergent. 

It's the perfect balance of biodegradable cleaning agents, natural soaps, and enzymes.

It strikes a balance between effectiveness and gentleness - works well in cold water on tough stains, yet is hypoallergenic and suitable for use with baby clothes.

It prevents colour fading and preserves the original garment shape even after multiple washes.

What You’ll Get
8 litres of concentrated laundry liquid suitable for hot and cold washes.

Estimated to deliver 400 washes per box (50 full load washes per bottle).

Fresh linen with a hint of floral

Does not contain
  • Phosphates
  • Parabens
  • Refined Petroleum Products

Forever Use,
Recyclable Plastic Bottles


1. INTERIOR:All-Purpose Cleaner Dispenser + 2 refill concentrates

2. FLOOR:Multi-Surface Cleaner Dispenser + 2 refill concentrates

3. BATHROOM:Bathroom and Ceramic Cleaner Dispenser + 2 refill concentrates

4. HANDS:Foaming Handsoap Dispense + 2 refill concentrates

5. LAUNDRY:Detergent Concentrate 1L (up to 50 washes)

6. LAUNDRY:Fabric Softener 1L (Up to 50 washes)

7. WC:Toilet Cleaner Dispenser + 2 refill concentrates

8. KITCHEN:Grill and Oven Cleaner Dispenser + 2 refill concentrates

9. DISHES:Foaming Dish Soap Dispenser + 2 refill concentrates

10. AROMA:Air Freshener Dispenser + 2 refill concentrates

11. GLASS:Window and Mirror Cleaner Dispenser + 2 refill concentrates

How It Works

Put your household cleaning on autopilot with our revolutionary cleaning system!

Step 1

Order & Receive Your Starter Box (up to 6 months supply)

Step 2

Fill your durable dispensers & start cleaning!

Step 3

When you run out, subscribe for refills, or order as you need!

With refills your cleaning cost are just $14/month (less then your Netflix subscription!)

PLUS never throw plastic bottles out ever again!

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