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Air Freshener AROMA

  • $12.00

Introducing “Aroma” the air freshener. Effectively neutralizes odors and freshens the air in your home and even in your car. A clever product that does not leave residue on upholstery, fabric, furniture, or wallpaper.  

IncludedA 500ml spray bottle with 2 x 50ml scented refills. A clever product you can use in any indoor areas including your car. Neutralize bad smells with this streak free formula. Makes 1 litre of product. 

Effective product ingredients for a decadent fragrance and a lot less plastic for the planet:

  • 50ml of concentrate turns into 500ml of product
  • 30% purified water, 5% to 15% fragrance, nonionic surfactants, <5% each of the following: isopropyl alcohol, food grade dye