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Imagine yourself holding 18 Bottles in one hand? Easy... With DutyBox Refill System

Powerful combo of our 3 Must-Have Cleaners for the kitchen with free reusable (and glorious) dispensers:

Kitchen Cleaner: Ideal for cutting grease, burned-on residue, and grime on pans, cooktops, smokers, deep fryers, grills, ovens, microwave ovens, and more. If it's in the kitchen, this product can clean it!  Its non-abrasive ingredients help keep the kitchen clean with minimal time and effort.

All-Purpose cleaner:  Effectively removes dirt from water-resistant (non-porous) surfaces such as linoleum, ceramic tile, laminate flooring, parquet floor, hardwood, stainless steel, and glass, as well as fabric and leather.

Foaming Dish Soap: Effectively removes grease and food scraps from your dishes both in warm and cold water. The ingredients are hard on dirty dishes but gentle on your hands. 


3 packs of each concentrate (6 in total for each cleaner) making 3 Liters of each cleaner.


Free dispensers!

Are you in?!? 

Limited Time Offer

Cleaning Set Includes

            3 All-Purpose Cleaner Refills with Dispense

            3 Foaming Dish Soap Refills with Dispenser

            3 Kitchen Cleaner Refills with Dispenser

Dispensers are Heavy Duty and last forever.

When you run out of cleaner, reorder refills ONLY!