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11 essential refillable household products that reduce single-use plastic in your home and in the world!
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Cleaning Starter Box Max

Simplify your household cleaning, while reducing up to 95% of plastic waste!

Our Cleaning Starter Box Max brings ELEVEN essential products for all your home cleaning needs - including laundry! Get nonstop compliments about how clean your home is, and best of all? One box lasts up to 6 months!

6 x Everyday Essentials

  • INTERIOR: All-Purpose Cleaner Dispenser + 2 refills
  • HANDS: Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser + 2 refills
  • DISHES: Foaming Dish Soap Dispenser + 2 refills
  • AROMA: Air Freshener Dispenser + 2 refills (an odour eliminator for home, car and garage)
  • LAUNDRY: Detergent Concentrate 1L (up to 50 washes)
  • LAUNDRY: Fabric Softener 1L (up to 50 washes)

6 x Everyday Essentials

  • KITCHEN: Grill and Oven Cleaner + 2 refills
  • WC: Toilet Cleaner Dispenser + 2 refills
  • BATHROOM: Bathroom and Ceramic Cleaner Dispenser + 2 refills
  • GLASS: Window and Mirror Cleaner Dispenser + 2 refills
  • FLOOR: Multi-Surface Cleaner Dispenser + 2 refills
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How It Works


Our reusable bottle with water.


One refill cleaner content in the bottle


The foam and wash your hands.


By using our refills (not plastic bottles).

One Refill = One less bottle in the landfill!

Starter Box Max (20 Refills)

= 20 less bottles in the landfill

Save on Cleaning Costs

When you run out, subscribe for refills, or order as you need!

$49 For Cleaners Refills Pack Max

That’s $5 per litre of cleaning product!

A Little Goes a Long Way With Our Concentrated Refills & Pump Foamers

DISHES + HANDS (foaming pump)

$9 (cost of 2 refills to make 1 L) = 660 pumps

LAUNDRY (1L bottle)

1L Bottle cost around $17 = $0.34c per wash

KITCHEN + BATHROOM (jet spray adjustable nozzle)

1L Bottle cost around $17 = $0.34c per wash

AROMA, GLASS, INTERIOR (spray adjustable nozzle)

1L Bottle cost around $17 = $0.34c per wash

WC (jet liquid nozzle)

$9 (cost of 2 refills to make 1 L) = 125- 165 pumps

Why DutyBox?

Most Powerful Concentrates

Our lab formulates commercial grade cleaners. With DutyBox we wanted to create an eco-friendly but powerful range of home cleaners that are safe for use without compromising on effectiveness.

Safety Certification

Our ingredients are certified safe by EWG and Safe Choice and our products have been preferred by pregnant women, moms with kids, pets and even those with sensitive skin.

Eco-Conscious Pledge

Not only does our cleaning system save up to 95% in product waste, we also plant a tree for every order on our website..

Every decision you make has the power to improve your life and the lives of the people around you!

Safe for Pets & Children
One less thing on the grocery list
More Shelf Space
Delivered directly to you
No more throwing out plastic bottles

Frustrated with “eco-friendly” cleaning products that don’t do the job?

DutyBox products are so effective even cleaning professionals use them!

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What Our House-Proud Customers Are Saying



Our starter box is designed to have the complete set of bottles so you can have a comprehensive cleaning system for your home. The bottles are for forever use (rather than buying and throwing out when you run out) and are sustainable and durable - they are designed to be reused repeatedly. They are also recyclable and at any time you can ship them back to us to ensure they don’t end up in the landfill.

OR, you can bring your own bottle and just purchase a refill starter kit, which has only the concentrates! That will save even more plastic and we definitely encourage it!

Our bottles are made from recycled plastic and are designed to be durable and sustain multiple uses. This means you do not need to throw the bottle away.

But you don't need to use our bottles. You can choose any bottle to use with our concentrated cleaning capsules. Just order a refill set and BYOB!

We do not use harmful ingredients in our products, however, we recommend that you contact your manufacturer to find out if these products are safe for your septic system.

Our delivery partners are Sendle and Australia Post and Aramex.

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. We also accept all Buy Now, Pay Later systems. You will see the options at checkout.

Yes we do. Please make an order and choose a bank transfer as the payment option and we will send you an invoice for payment.

Have a question about our products? Submit your enquiry using the link below:

Click the link below to see all our Safety Certificates:

You can be reassured that our products:

- Do not contain parabens, phosphates, ammonia, chlorine bleach, triclosan or phthalates

- Are Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free

- Do use harsh chemicals formula including surfactants

We think you have the #therighttoknow what goes inside our products. Please click on the link to learn more:

Our exclusive scent formulas are pure and free of any potentially harmful components.

We use fragrances from the Swiss corporation Givaudan -

Here are the various scents of our Dutybox products:

- Aroma Air Freshener - Fresh Ripe Mango and Lime

- Laundry Softener - Water Lily

- Laundry Detergent - Fresh linen with a hint of floral

- Floor Multi-Surface Cleaner - Grapefruit Citrus Crush

- WC Toilet Cleaner - Ocean Breeze

- Bathroom and Ceramic Cleaner - Ocean Breeze

- Kitchen Grill and Oven Cleaner - Light Lemon Scent

- Glass Window and Mirror Cleaner - Apple

- Interior All-purpose Cleaner - Fruity, Floral, Woody

- Foaming Hand Soap Cleaner - Raspberry Yoghurt

- Foaming Dish Soap Cleaner - Mild Fruit Fragrance of Pear and Herbs

No, we don't use any harsh chemicals, so our products are non-toxic and free of essential oils, making them suitable for pets and children to be around.

You can see our ingredient info here -

Still Not Sure If This Will Work For You?

Every now and then, people tell us that they have tried SO many things in the past that haven't worked for them and they don't want to waste anymore money - which we totally understand.

We know our cleaning system is different to what you’ll find in the market, and are ready to offer firm reassurance.

This Is Why We Have Our Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee


If you are unhappy with the product (for any reason within the first 30 days of first-time use), simply drop us a message & we will contact you to organise a refund of 100% of your money from your first purchase.

That is how confident we are that you will get amazing results when you use our products!

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