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95% Less Single Use Plastic - Here's How

95% Less Single Use Plastic

What comes to mind when you think of single-use plastics?

Here's what comes to our mind:

  • Trash Islands spanning 1.6 million square kilometers.
  • 130kg of plastic waste per person per year floating around our landfills in Australia.

It's even estimated that we ingest up to 5 grams of plastic every week - that's the size of a credit card added to your dinner!

We think reducing our plastic waste is a top priority for the health of our planet as well as our health. That's why the focus of the DutyBox range is to deliver a powerful cleaning product with a minimal plastic footprint, from our factory to your door.

By switching to our cleaning range you'll be:

Using and reusing bottles made from recycled plastic to dispense the detergents.

Cutting down on plastic consumption as our refill capsule is only 7g of plastic versus an average cleaning bottle made from 70g of plastic.

Using less cleaning product because our effective and non-toxic formula means less is required to achieve the same great result. We estimate that one refill capsule (7g) is equivalent to 2 (2 x 70g) cleaning bottles you would buy from the grocery store. That means you're cutting your consumption of cleaning products by half!

This is how we estimate a 95% reduction in the use of plastic when it comes to your home cleaning products.

It's a great start to helping reduce the amount of plastic you consume.

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