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Cleaning Refill's Pack Max

  • $72.00

Topping up your cleaning products has never been easier.

Order this if:

  • You're a proud owner of the DutyBox Starter Pack MAX and need to top up the 9 refillable dispensers in one go. 
  • You have your own bottles at home and want to reduce your plastic footprint by ordering refillable cleaning concentrates.
  • For best performance we recommend using Foaming Dispensers for HANDS and Kitchen; Shaped Toilet Bottle for WC, 500 ml bottle for FLOOR, Spray Dispensers for others cleaners.

This refill box contains 2 x 50ml concentrated capsules for each of the 9 products listed below. That adds up to a total of 18 refills altogether.
Minimal effort required and the small size of the capsules means it's easy to store away extras.