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  • $12.00

No scrubs! Our concentrated bathroom cleaner swiftly breaks down all the lime, rust stains, soap scum, and calcium without you having to break a sweat! Use the product on tiles and bathroom fixtures such as acrylic and non-acrylic bathtubs, shower stalls, toilets, porcelain fixtures, tile, and faucets.

Included: A 500ml spray bottle with 2 x 50ml concentrated refills with a pleasant scent. Strong formula eradicates lime, soap scum and calcium build-up without heavy scrubbing. Makes up to 1 litre of product.

Effective product ingredients for a quick clean and a lot less plastic for the planet:

  • 50ml of concentrate turns into 500ml of product
  • 30% purified water, 15% to 30% citric acid, nonionic surfactants, 5% to 15% 0-phosphoric acid, <5% each of the following: organic solvent, fragrance, food grade dye