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WC Toilet Cleaner (2 refills)

  • $14.00

We are the champions! Our concentrated Toilet cleaner effectively cleans toilet bowls, porcelain fixtures, and ceramic tile of lime, rust stains, and calcium build-up. It works in one bottle! The cleaner also removes odours and kills bacteria. If used regularly, it can make your bathroom sparkling clean without doing damage to your plumbing. And not to mention, it's cost-effective in liquid form!

A 500ml squirt bottle with 2 x 50ml concentrates refills. 50ml of concentrate turns into 500ml of product. Makes a total of 1 litre of product.


  • 30% purified water, organic acid
  • 5% to 15% inorganic acid
  • >5% of each: nonionic surfactants, fragrance, food grade dye.

The main active ingredients are citric and a-phosphoric acids, which are usually used in the food industry. But they are effective in removing rust, salt deposits and lime deposits.

Nonionic Surfactants are made from plants. They are gentle on surfaces, clean well, are not affected by water hardness, and are completely biodegradable.

Does not contain

  • Chlorine
  • SLES and SLS
  • Phosphates
  • Aggressive and caustic acids/alkalis


  • Antibacterial 

Ocean Breeze

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