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Top 5 Benefits of Concentrated Cleaning Products - DutyBox Australia

Top 5 Benefits of Concentrated Cleaning Products

Are you sure that you are cleaning your home the best way possible? Do you still remember the colour of the grout in your bathroom? Do you walk around in clean socks only to find that they are black underneath when you remove them at night before bed?

Sometimes, you may not have the time or energy to constantly clean everything from top to bottom. Concentrated cleaning products can provide the best results without using much product.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using a concentrated cleaning solution instead of your usual dirt remover.

Concentrated vs. Traditional Products

Most homeowners have always turned to traditional ready-to-use products. This is because it is easy to pull out a bottle from the cabinet and excessively spray stuff on surfaces.

DutyBox looks like a regular spray bottle, but, you get the additional perks of concentrated refills. You will also find a generous amount of concentrated liquid in each bottle instead of 90% water like traditional cleaning solutions. 

Thanks to DutyBox, you do not need to shop for more products because one bottle will last you a long time. Instead of dousing everything with a lot of liquid, you only need a small amount to get the job done right.

Why Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products?

The traditional sprays are not as effective as a cleaning concentrate solution. Think about how long you scrub something very sticky off the table using a regular household spray. Imagine cutting that time in half if you use excellent concentrated cleaning products.

Anybody can become a professional cleaner in no time. It is also essential to focus on eco-friendly products as traditional ones get washed into rivers and streams, causing water pollution.

Traditional, single-use only cleaning products also have volatile organic compounds that can impact air quality. They are usually not made from recyclable materials, and you will often find empty bottles and packaging from traditional products all over landfills.

How To Use Concentrated Cleaning Products?

Most of the time, you will find your concentrated products for cleaning as aerosols that are easy to use. This takes less time to clean because there is no need to dilute anything.

DutyBox ready-to-use cleaners come with convenient spray functions to make cleaning feel like a breeze. Thanks to our easy refills, you can stock up on 6 months worth of cleaning supplies without breaking the bank. And with an ongoing subscription, you will never have to worry about running out of refills.

Remember that concentrates contain less water than the usual products you have used in the past. The less you need to use, the more you will save. 

If you find yourself spraying too much cleaning liquid to tackle sticky and greasy surfaces, you will significantly benefit from switching to our concentrated cleaning solutions.

Benefits of Concentrated Cleaning Products

Instead of buying diluted traditional cleaning products, you can save a lot of energy, time, and money by purchasing our potent concentrate for every task. Here are the benefits of making the switch in your home.

1. Spend Less

Saving money on cleaning products is one of the biggest perks of opting for concentrates. You buy less concentrated product solutions and use the product less often.

You never need to use a lot of concentrate to clean everything at home. Instead of repeatedly spraying to scrub down a tricky stain, you will feel a significant difference by using a small amount of solution.

It will break down stains much faster. By swapping for the best concentrated eco-cleaning products, you are guaranteed to save a lot of money on cleaning products.

2. Save Time

Regular products can clean things, but concentrated cleaning products in Australia by DutyBox are far more efficient. They can be used on any surface at home, even on mirrors and windows.

Our products are excellent when it comes to dissolving challenging stains. You will save time by scrubbing less if you have the right amount of concentrate.

3. Save Waste

Another fantastic benefit of a concentrated cleaner product is that you will always have less waste. This is because you will not throw out as many bottles and containers in your rubbish bin every week.

The production of these cleaning products also saves natural resources. They require much less labeling, processing, plastics, and bottles. It also does not take much energy to ship these products, mainly because they contain less water.

Unlike traditional cleaners with a large water composition, companies specializing in concentrates improve consumer carbon footprint since they do not ship weighty water-based products across the country.

4. Release Fewer Chemicals

When someone in your home uses a harsh ready-to-use cleaning product, you risk having chemicals flushed down your toilet drains and sink. These toxic chemicals then get released into the environment and have a horrible impact on soil, wildlife, waterways, and air quality.

Pollutants from standard cleaning products take forever to degrade. Many do not even break down at all. Therefore, this makes all water sources unsafe to drink. Chemicals from old-school cleaners can also kill organisms that live in the natural ecosystem.

Thanks to natural concentrated cleaning products, you can always be environmentally friendly while keeping your home fresh. Not only will you lessen your carbon footprint, but you will also support the sustainability of waterways.

5. Health and Safety

Eco-friendly concentrated cleaning products are much safer to use than regular ones. Cleaning your home will never have to feel like a chore again.

Our green cleaning products are the most effective, and you never have to worry about wearing thick gloves or inhaling toxic fumes. 

Clean Like a Pro Today

Now that you know the top 5 benefits of concentrated cleaning products, it is time to start saving time, money, and energy.

Thanks to our cost-effective solution, you can always rely on having the cleanest home without risk to your health. Order our Cleaning Starter Box today, and we can deliver straight to your door the best eco-friendly concentrated products for cleaning that will make your neighbours jealous.